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I am interested in virtually all areas within analytic philosophy. Most of my recent research is in the philosophy of law, theories of justice, philosophical issues in international development, and issues in social cooperation. [With regard to the jurisprudence I am primarily interested in the issues concerning so-called "soft" positivism and in developing a directive/constructivist version of legal positivism. With regard to theories of justice and their application I am working on a basic goods approach to international development. With regard to social cooperation I am trying to figure out if there are principled distinctions between such things as law, morality, religion, and superstition. (So far I am skeptical about this despite being a legal positivist.)] I also do work on genetics and social issues having to do with new technologies, particularly the internet. In addition I  write papers in the history of philosophy (particularly on Plato, Hobbes, Hume, and Smith). In addition,  I have been writing some things on international business ethics (particulary having to do with the basic goods approach to vexing problems concerning expansion by MNEs to developing societies) and been thinking about the implications of the availability of obscene materials and hate literature on the www. 

Links to materials on the web.

Reflections on Ethical Principles in University Teaching which is a commentary on the document titled  Ethical Principles in University Teaching.

A paper on Plato's Moral Psychology can be found at Plato's Moral Psychology.

A paper attempting to connect Hume's theory of justice with Ronald Dworkin's views on equality of resources can be found at A Humean Theory of Distributive Justice for a New Century.

A short paper on James O. Young's Art and Knowledge titled “Truth, Art, and Knowledge” (co-authored by Michael Watkins) is in a special issue of AE Canadian Aesthetics Journal/Revue canadienne d’esthetique Volume 8, 2003 which I edited.

Below are some papers in progress. Comments are very much appreciated.

Measuring Social Development: Theoretical and Ethical Considerations (Earlier versions of some of the material in this paper was presented at el Centro Internacional de Investigaciones para el Desarrollo in Montevideo and in the International Development Research Centre speaker series at Saint Mary's University. I still need help with it.)

Here are some papers which are forthcoming. Comments appreciated.

A Basic Goods Approach to International Corporate Responsibility: The Case of Hiring in Developing Nations (A paper forthcoming in International Corporate Responsibility: Exploring the Issues, edited by John Hooker and Peter Madsen (Pittsburgh: Carnegie-Mellon University Press.) This paper sketches the basic goods approach to ethical issues in international development and illustrates it by application to an example of a simplified ethical problem sometimes faced by multinational corporations and international NGOs.)

Rousseau's Stag Hunt: Cooperation in a Different (tone of) Voice (A paper written for a University of Toronto Press collection on Rousseau's Second Discourse edited by John Duncan.)

Sheldon Wein's Homepage